This year the Campbellford Rebels introduced a new award for Life Membership to honour those pioneers that helped start and mold the organization over the years. In order to understand the Rebels decision on who to induct as the first Life Members here is some history.

Campbellford’s junior hockey history began in 1980. The Campbellford Merchants joined the Quinte-St. Lawrence Junior C Hockey League.

In 1986, the Quinte-St. Lawrence league was falling apart and merged with the more western Central Ontario Junior C Hockey League. The Merchants and most of the other local teams, like the Frankford Huskies, were forced into hiatus.

In 1989, The Eastern Ontario Junior C Hockey League was formed in the same region as the Quinte-St. Lawrence League. In 1992, the Campbellford Rebels were formed to compete in the new league.

The Campbellford Juveniles won All-Ontario in 1979 with Head Coach Pete Runions steering the ship. At the end of the season Pete was approached by George Bibby, long time CMHA member and community member, to see if he would be interested in coaching a junior C team in Campbellford. Pete agreed and that summer, Pete Runions, George Bibby and Lloyd Anderson drove to Toronto to register the team.

In appreciation for that decision and effort made by those three individuals that day to bring Junior C hockey to our community, the Campbellford Rebels have selected:

George Bibby
Lloyd Anderson
Pete Runions

to receive the first Life Member Awards!

From all of us that have been fortunate to follow you we are grateful!

Pictured in the photo are: (L-R) Josh Cork (President of Alumni Association), Pete Runions, Patricia Mills (Daughter of George Bibby), Jeff Anderson (Son of Lloyd Anderson), Larry Patton (Owner of Campbellford Rebels)